Hello everyone,

my name is Ijaa, the dorm tutor of Ginnheimer Landstraße 40-42. If you have any questions about the dorm, the university or Frankfurt in general, feel free to write to me. Visit our regular events to make new friends. You can also become a part of our WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook group to get the latest news about our dormitory.

Briefly about me: I am a medical student at Goethe University and originally from Nepal. I have been in Germany since 2016 and have been living in the Ginnheim dormitory since 2018. I regularly take part in the open living room of the ESG and seminars of Stube Hessen and organise learning coaching for international medical students. As a dorm tutor, I would like to improve the cohesion and togetherness in the dorm and get to know my fellow residents better. Every beginning is hard and I would like to offer my help to the students to cope with the beginning in the new city, new university and new environment.

I am very excited to be able to welcome you to the hall of residence soon.