Hello everybody!

I am Theresa, one member of the tutoring team that is very much looking forward to welcoming you in your new home (dormitory Hansaallee) and the new city you will be living in.

A very exciting time lays ahead of you all!

We (Mert and me) will try our best to give you support and advice whenever and wherever needed.

More than anything it is important to us that you settle in quickly into the dormitory as well as the city in general. We want you to feel comfortable in your new home and will support you (if you wish so) in starting to build up your social network in Frankfurt. Setting these foundations will be necessary and important not only to be able to fully engage in your studies but also to enjoy your life as a student in Frankfurt to the full extent.

A few words about my personal background: I am 22 years old, currently studying International Business Administration (7th semester) at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. After my semester abroad in Shanghai (4th semester) I decided to stop commuting from home to university and moved to Frankfurt. The dormitory Hansaallee I call my home since April this year. Not only did I feel comfortable at the dormitory straightaway, but also the city Frankfurt I felt connected to really quickly. There is incredibly much to explore and experience in Frankfurt covering all sorts of areas such as history, culinary and culture. The knowledge I gathered and the fascination I won for this city and the university life here I would love to share and expand with you!

I have previously been engaging as a tutor at my university and simply loved it. Back then I was involved in the welcoming of the students that first entered our university. As soon as I found out my dormitory is offering a similar program I got interested and was really up for taking part in such a program again. Generally I would describe myself as a person that is really easy-to-handle, open-minded, communicative and always interested in new knowledge about different personalities, cultures and experiences in life. Above that I enjoy helping and supporting others. 

I am therefore very happy to be one of your tutors at the dormitory Hansaallee in Frankfurt. I am very much looking forward to meeting each of you in person soon and especially all the upcoming interpersonal and inspiring interactions with you all.

Best Wishes,