Hello everyone,

my name is Julian Leslie, choose one of the names you like, the dorm tutor of Ludwig-Landmann-Straße 343. If you have any questions about the dorm, the university or Frankfurt in general, feel free to write to me. Visit our regular events to make new friends. You can also become a part of our WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook group to get the latest news about our dormitory.

About me: I’m 25, my subjects are Sociology and Art history B.A. and I’m living here in LuLa Land - that’s how we fondly call our dormitory - since fall 2020. In addition to my tutor job I’m very active in university politics, so if you have any questions regarding our study conditions or if you’re interested in participating, just hit me up.

Your personal wellbeing, the social life in LuLa Land and exchange between each other is my highest priority, hence I try to spark joy for you outside your studies as good as I can. I am very excited to be able to welcome you to LuLa Land soon!