Group accident insurance on a contractual basis

Insurance cover for the following people

    • students,
    • students of preparatory college,
    • Exam candidates, as long as they are enrolled,
    • PhD students, as long as they are enrolled and who are not employed full-time,
    • Guest auditor (except for guest auditors and participants of language courses at Goethe University), provided that the social and insurance contribution has been paid the universities in due time.

      Start and end of insurance cover

      Insurance cover begins with the day of enrollment and expires upon leaving the university (exam, doctorate, de-registration, termination of studies, full-time employment), but at the latest at the end of the semester.

      Insurance cover

      Insurance covers all accidents that are not covered by the Social Security Code VII (Sozialgesetzbuch SGB VII) by the employer's liability insurance association (Berufsgenossenschaft BG/ statutory accident insurance), provided that no exclusion exists. In addition, accidents are also covered for a profession or business - also for working students, for whom the responsible employer’s liability insurance association (statutory accident insurance) is mandatory under Social Security Code VII (SGB VII), provided that these activities are part of the exam preparation. Students abroad only have insurance for accidents that occur during lectures, seminars, or courses similar to these at the universities or in their institutions and on the way to such events. Insurance cover also applies to study-related internships and to working students. The way to and from the campi is also covered.


      Excluded from insurance are

      • accidents during club, performance and competition sports as well as during associated training, during boxing and bores. The exclusion does not extend to general physical restoration of purely private nature (for example, gymnastics, swimming, private table tennis, etc.).
      • accidents at work in a profession or business - also for working students - for whom the responsible employers' liability insurance (statutory accident insurance) is mandatory under the National Social Insurance Code (Reichsversicherungsordnung RVO).
      • Accidents related to the use of motor vehicles.