Liability insurance


Insurance cover for the following people

Liability insurance covers students (including guest lauditors, provided that contributions were paid to the Studentenwerk by the university) from the following universities:

    • Goethe University
    • Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts,
    • Preparatory college for foreign students,
    • Philosophical and Theological University St. Georgen,
    • Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences,
    • RhineMain University at Wiesbaden and Rüsselsheim
    • Geisenheim University
    • Offenbach University of Design and
    • State University of Fine Arts.

      Objective of insurance

      If participating in studies, learning, research, profession, or an internship results in personal injuries and property damage, the insurance covers the statutory liability of the person involved.
      The statutory liability of the student is also covered in case he or she provides supervision for student trips, class trips as well as school trips etc. and for the associated stays in hostels and residential halls.
      Except for a few exceptions, claims for damages abroad are excluded (except for temporary stays abroad (up to one year) in connection with above-mentioned job-related activities, internships or studies (program student)).
      Included is the statutory liability for damages to property provided by the university or the company, where the internship is performed, students during their professional training and for their internship.


      Excluded are liability claims

      • for personal injuries resulting from work or service accidents at the university or service centre in accordance with the provisions of the civil service law or the National Social Insurance Code (Reichsversicherungsordnung RVO);
      • against the insurance holder or any insured person who has caused the damage through deliberate deviation of laws, acts, official decrees or orders, company regulations or by other knowledgeable breach of duty;
      • due to damage caused by the use of vehicles;
      • due to genetic damage resulting from participation in experimental lessons with radioactive substances and
      • for personal injuries in connection with energy-efficient, ionizing radiation;
      • due to damage or due to damage to equipment that has occurred within the scope of practical exercises provided in the course of study at the university premises;
      • due to damage caused by keeping animals and due to holding, possessing, using or steering a vehicle, an aircraft or watercraft, irrelevant by whom, the reason or purpose the using or steering has taken place;
      • due to damage resulting from incorrect handling of inflammable materials.