Options for financing your studies

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An overview of financing options:

If you receive BAföG, you have an additional entitlement to a “childcare subsidy” (monthly 130 € for each child, § 14 b Abs. 1 BAföG). The subsidy will not be calculated as income with other welfare benefits, § 14 b Abs. 2 Satz 1 BAföG.

Housing benefit is a government subsidy for your rental charges. It is paid in addition to your low income.

For students with a child an application can be worthwhile if you

  • do not receive ALG II or income support
  • are not entitled to BAföG
  • are not entitled to child support regarding your parents

The respective housing departments of your city or community are responsible for this matter.

All of the following benefits listed are dependent on one’s income and capital. A financial emergency must be proven. Account statements of the past 3 months must be handed in.

Students who take a leave of absence for their child’s care may apply for unemployment benefits (ALG II) (standard rate of benefits in order to cover subsistence costs and rental charges).

Students who do not take a leave of absence may apply for unemployment benefits ALG II for their child/ children.

In case of hardship, a student can receive the unemployment benefits as a loan during the semester for examinations. The criteria for this are strict, the decision lays within the individual consultant.

Increased need, e.g. monthly benefits as a subsidy, can be applied for at the job centres, even if one does not receive unemployment benefits. Eligible people are:

  • students from the 13th week of pregnancy until delivery (currently monthly 59 €) – the maternity log must be brought along with the application
  • single parents (amount per child, graduated by age)
  • chronologically sick people for financing necessary special nutrition due to medical reasons.

One-time benefits can be applied for – on presentation of the maternity log – for

  • initial equipping of maternity wear (currently 190 €)
  • initial equipping for pregnancy and delivery for baby clothing, buggy and so on (550 €) – payment 1 month prior to delivery at the earliest.

These benefits will be granted without depending on unemployment benefits.

In acute emergencies, e.g. in the event of threatened homelessness or financial difficulties, the social city halls in Frankfurt will offer guidance and help.

In other cities and communities, the social security office is responsible before the child’s birth and afterwards, the youth welfare office.

In matters regarding child support claims (also child support in advance), the youth welfare office on-site or the social city halls in Frankfurt are responsible.

An overview of financial aids for parents that are regulated by law, e.g. maternity/parental pay, child benefits, child support and so on, is available at the Goethe-University and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences website.