"Dippe to go"

At the DASEIN cafeteria we offer you our "Dippe to go" for only extra 0.40 euros.

Take it with you!

Repeatedly no more room at DASEIN? Then just take your meal with you!

It is this simple:

  • The big boxes correspond to normal dishes, the small boxes to side dishes. The big box is handed out by the counter employees and sealed with a label. Please open the seal after you paid for the box. It is not permitted to include side dishes into the big box.
  • If additional side dishes are included in the meal, use the small boxes. If no additional side dishes are included in the meal, the small boxes will be charged extra.
  • The volume of the small box corresponds to the amount of our side dishes (about 200 ml).
  • Of course you can also just take the small box if no menu is demanded. For more than three used boxes another fee of 0,40 euros will be charged.

BEWARE: Small boxes that cannot be lid shut due to overfilling will be charged as a “big portion”.

Further information about the boxes and pricing can be found here