Information about the boxes

  • The boxes are entirely made out of recycled paper.
  • They are suitable for hot and cold meals.
  • They are microwavable and leak-proof.
  • Cutlery is made out of maize starch and entirely biodegradable.


Variations and prices

Within the to-go surcharge of 0,40 euros, up to three boxes are included (always with cutlery and lid). For every additional box another 0,40 euros are charged. Main dishes are offered to you in the big box, side dishes in the small boxes. Without a main dish, you can have up to three side dishes for the surcharge of 0,40 euros.

Variation examples and prices

1 big box, 1 small box0,40 euros
1 big box0,40 euros
1 small box 0,40 euros
1 big box, 2 small boxes   0,40 euros
3 small boxes0,40 euros
1 big box, 3 small boxes0,80 euros
4 small boxes0,80 euros
1 big box, 6 small boxes1,20 euros