Eligible full-time or part-time courses must fulfill the following conditions:

Full-time courses

  • must have at least 400 hours of instruction (minimum duration),
  • must be completed within 36 calendar months (maximum full-time time frame) and
  • must have at least 25 hours of lessons (full-time education) during each week on four working days;

Part-time courses

  • must have at least 400 hours of instruction (minimum duration),
  • must be completed within 48 calendar months (maximum part-time timeframe) and
  • must have at least 18 hours of lessons per month (part-time education).

Distance learning courses can also be funded if they meet the requirements of the Distance Learning Teaching Act.

Media-assisted courses are also eligible under certain conditions.


45 minutes of a course are considered a lesson. Eligible lessons are lectures with attendance, in which the content is specified in the examination regulations. In eligible lessons, professional skills, knowledge and abilities provided by the upgrading training rules and curriculum must be taught according to schedule by qualified teachers. Only the appropriate number of hours of instruction for the achievement of the respective training goal is eligible. In addition, the intended examination courses and examination simulations in the curriculum of the educational institution are acknowledged for funding with up to 10% of the total hours of lessons, but not more than 50 hours, under this Act. Pure rehearsals, repetition courses, unattended chat room hours, self-learning phases, internships and additional faculty modules, the home preparation and follow-up of the teaching material, etc., are not teaching hours within the meaning of the AFBG.

Who is eligible for funding?

Eligible for funding are Germans and in addition to certain groups of foreign nationals, those who have been residing regularly in Germany for three years and have been employed. There is no age limit.