Important notes on absences for courses beginning after 31 July 2016

According to  § 9a AFBG, the participant has to participate regularly in the sponsored course and complete the course quickly and without interruption. Funding is provided for regular participation in the course with reservation to recruitment and repayment.

Regular participation is provided when 70 per cent of the attendance hours and in case of distance learning lessons (§ 4) or media-assisted lessons (§ 4a) 70 per cent on performance examinations are proven.

In due time, you will receive a corresponding form from us, which shall be completed by the training centre and sent back to us within a certain period of time. If the participant does not prove regular participation in the course with the form of the educational institution and if regular participation cannot be reached by the end of the course, the approval notice must be canceled in its entirety and the participant has to completely reimburse the provided service.We therefore ask you to ensure that you do not exceed the permissible absences of 30%. The participant is obliged to immediately notify any changes to the training (for example non-entry, abort, interruption, change, termination, non-regular participation, etc.). A long-term interruption of the course due to illness, pregnancy or for important reasons (§7 Abs. 3a and 4a AFBG) can only be made granted by immediate declaration by the participant. Only then are these periods of absence disregarded in determining the participant’s absence.

As far as possible, illness notifications should be handed in one day after the beginning of the illness (transmission of a copy by email, fax or mail). Subsequent excuses are not sufficient.

Passing the final examination is not relevant in relation to the absence, because the AFBG loan is granted for participation in a course and not solely for passing the examination.