What is the funding’s scope?

Course contribution:

In case of part-time and full-time courses, you can receive a course contribution of up to EUR 15,000, unrelated to income and assets, to finance the course fees and examination fees. It consists of a supplement of 40% and, apart from that, a low-interest bank loan.

Maintenance contribution:

In case of full-time courses, you can also receive a monthly maintenance fee to cover the cost of living, partly as a subsidy and partly as a low-interest bank loan.
The amount of the maintenance fee depends on your own income and assets or the income of your spouse or life partner. The maximum amount of the grant for single persons is EUR 768 per month. For married couples the amount of the grant increases by EUR 235 per month and by EUR 235 per month for each child (for whom a child allowance exists).

Child care supplement:

Single parents receive a supplement of EUR 130 per month per child for the care of a child who has not yet reached the age of ten.

Services during the examination phase:

In case of full-time courses, a loan with the maximum amount of the maintenance fee plus the child-care allowance may be granted during the examination phase (form G).