Where and when is funding applied for?

Applications must be handed in in writing to the competent authority under national law. The subsidy with maintenance contributions begins from the start of the project, but at the earliest from the month of the application. It should therefore be applied for on-time before the beginning of the course. Courses contributions must be applied for by the end of the course or the respective course section.


In Hesse, the Offices for Educational Support (Ämter für Ausbildungsförderung) at the Studentenwerk receive and process the applications. The applicant’s principal domicile is decisive here.  

The Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main is responsible for the cities of Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden as well as the counties of Groß-Gerau, the Main-Taunus district and the Rheingau-Taunus district.

Address:           Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main 
                         Amt für Ausbildungsförderung
                         Bockenheimer Landstraße 133 
                         60325 Frankfurt am Main

Postal address:   Postfach 900460, 60444 Frankfurt am Main
Contact Person

The Studierendenwerk Darmstadt is responsible for the cities of Darmstadt and Offenbach am Main as well as for the counties Bergstraße, Darmstadt-Dieburg, Offenbach and the Odenwald district.

Address:           Studierendenwerkenwerk Darmstadt "Amt für Ausbildungsförderung"
                         Alarich-Weiss-Str. 3, 64287 Darmstadt
Postal address:   Postfach 101321, 64213 Darmstadt
Contact person

The Studentenwerk Gießen is responsible for the counties of Fulda and Giessen, the Main-Kinzig district, the Vogelsberg district and the Wetterau district.

Address:           Studentenwerk Gießen "Amt für Ausbildungsförderung" 
                         Otto-Behaghel-Straße 23 - 27, 35394 Gießen
Postal address:    Postfach 111129, 35356 Gießen
Contact person

The Studentenwerk Kassel is responsible for the city of Kassel, the counties of Hersfeld-Rotenburg, Kassel, Waldeck-Frankenberg and the Schwalm-Eder district and the Werra-Meißner district.

Address:           Studentenwerk Kassel "Amt für Ausbildungsförderung"
                         Moritzstr. 18, 34117 Kassel
Postal address:    Postfach 103660, 34036 Kassel
Contact person


The Studentenwerk Marburg is responsible for the Hochtaunus district, the Lahn-Dill district and the counties of Limburg-Weilburg and Marburg-Biedenkopf.

Address:           Studentenwerk Marburg "Amt für Ausbildungsförderung"
                         Erlenring 5, 35037 Marburg
Postal address:   Postfach 2280, 35010 Marburg
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For further information, please visit or call:
www.aufstiegs-bafoeg.info or 0800-6223634 (free of charge)