Which courses are promoted?

Craftsmen, technicians and skilled workers who are preparing themselves for the master’s qualification for craftsmen or industry, commercial specialists or business economists, can apply for assistance for upgrading vocational training. A requirement is a completed initial training course or a comparable professional qualification or a corresponding vocational qualification (longer practical professional activity) acknowledged by the Vocational Training Act (Berufsbildungsgesetz - BBiG) or the Craft’s Code (Handwerksordnung (HWO).

It promotes education in the field of commercial economy, the liberal professions as well as domestic economy and agriculture. It must specifically prepare for corresponding acknowledged examinations. Numerous training courses for health care, social care and social pedagogy professions are also eligible to promotion.
Condition: The pursued degree of the qualification must be above the level of a proficiency, apprenticeship and assistant exam or a vocational training certificate.

Funding is also provided if the participant already has a bachelor's degree or an equivalent qualification at the time of the application as his/her highest university degree. Funding is not provided if the participant has already obtained a state or state-acknowledged university qualification than the one mentioned in the previous sentence or an acknowledged as equivalent qualification in accordance with the Law on Higher Education of the federal states.

There is no age limit.