KfW study loan

Derogations in the context of the Corona pandemic

The documents for electronic activation for ongoing student loans can be submitted by post or by email (scanned or photographed). The submission deadline was extended until July 15, 2020.

The current study certificate (summer semester 2020), the record of evidence, a clearly legible copy of your ID (the picture and the data must be visible on the front / back) are required.

Please send your documents to: finanzierung(at)studentenwerkfrankfurt.de (gladly as one document). If you have any questions, please contact our team of social and financial counselling ► here.

New loans to be taken out are applied for via the KfW Bank portal. Please follow the instructions given there. This also applies to the BMBF's Corona Help.

Information about the BMBF Corona Help you can find on the website of the KfW-Bank->

It is a temporary interest-free loan that is offered through KfW-Bank. Applications can be submitted from May 8, 2020 (German students) or from June 1, 2020 (international students).

The exemption from interest is limited until March 31, 2021.

The reference period for international students is limited until March 31, 2021.

The application is submitted via the KfW Bank website. The temporary exemption from interest also applies to KfW student loans that are already running.

For financing your entire studies or longer study periods

For financing your entire studies or longer study periods, many banks offer a so-called study loan. The Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main consults you in regards to the KfW study loan of the KfW development bank.

Starting from the first payment, the KfW study loan is paid with interest. The entire loan duration can be freely adjusted. Monthly payments between 100,- euros and 650,- euros are possible until the 14th semester. The parents’ or spouse’s income is irrelevant, collateral are not required.

The repayment begins after the payment period in monthly rates of at least 20,- euros, six months at the earliest and 23 months at the latest. The repayment can take up to 25 years, deferments are optional.

Advising and application are to be considered at the Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main or any other distributor of the KfW development bank.

We recommend considering a thorough advising through our employees about the conditions of a study loan. The total loan with the accrued interest, which must be repaid after your studies, should not be underestimated.

You can find further information about the application and a repayment calculator here.

Financing advising of the Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: 069 - 798 34906