Paying with a card

At the canteens and cafeterias of the Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main you can quickly and easily pay with a chip card. The student identity cards of Goethe University, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, RhineMain University of Applied Sciences and Geisenheim University may be used for paying at the Studentenwerk facilities, for many copiers of the universities as well as for individual candy and beverage vending machines.


Additionally, employees and guests of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences receive our MensaCard after paying a 5-euro deposit at the essWERK canteen checkout.

Here you can find all the information about MensaCard.


Quick checkouts, little waiting time

The paying procedure with a card is quick and the waiting lines at the canteen checkouts can be reduced. Annoying change fishing no longer exists. The card-paying method simplifies the billing and booking procedures. This minimizes our administrative and security expenses and contributes to the fact that low-priced beverages and meals can still be offered at the canteens and cafeterias.

Compatibility everywhere


The cards – the student identity card or MensaCard – can be used at all facilities of the Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main. For example, a student of RhineMain University can enjoy some coffee on Bockenheim Campus after a meeting.



Recharging the card

Before using the card – or when your credit is exhausted – you must recharge the chip card or MensaCard at the charging machine.

  1. Insert chip card/ MensaCard
  2. Choose recharge value (min. 10 euros, max. 50 euros)
  3. Insert bank card and follow instructions on display
  4. Remove receipt and chip card/ MensaCard

The desired value will be booked from your bank account and transferred to your chip card.


Damaged MensaCard

For this matter, please contact our canteen managers on-site. They will try to help you directly. If the canteen is closed, please contact


Lost MensaCard/ data protection

The MensaCard is a rechargeable chip card, on which the credit value and card number are accessible. No personal data can be accessed. Due to this, the remaining balace of the MensaCard cannot be repayed in case of loss!

Please treat the MensaCard like cash, because anybody who finds the card is able to use it for oneself.