Student residence, Kronberger Straße 43

Kronberger Straße 43
60323 Frankfurt am Main

39 accommodation places

  • 1 shared kitchen
  • club room
  • Bathrooms
  • toilets
  • music room
  • laundry room
  • bicycle shed in the big yard 

Year of construction: Beginning of the 20th century

Letting and advice

Mrs. Reichl 


Our office is open:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Monday to Thursday  1 p.m. -  3 p.m.


Facility Manager

Mr. Hummel, Mr. Nippe, Mr. Isenthal


069/17524607 (office) 
0162 1344740 (Mr. Hummel)
0172 3537692 (Mr. Nippe)
0173 7006063 (Mr. Isenthal)

Office:Porthstraße 1 - 3
60435 Frankfurt am Main
Office hours
Kronberger Str. 43:
Thursday 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.

You can also reach our Facility manager by Email->


Accomodation type Size in sqm Furnishing Total rent (EUR)*
Single room in "maisonettes" 16-28 unfurnished, wash basin in the room, cable TV and radio, Internet access 277,00-314,00
Single room in 2-room units (33-40sqm) 11-20 unfurnished, Mini fitted kitchen, washing mashine, cable TV and radio, Internet access 244,00-292,00
Single room in 3-room flat with 2 kitchens (119sqm) 28-39 unfurnished, 3 mini kitchens, bathroom with 3 wash basins, cable TV and radio, Internet access 308,00-357,00
Single room unit 21 unfurnished, kitchenette, cable TV and radio, Internet access 297,00
1-room flat 15-35 unfurnished, mini kitchen, sanitary module, cable TV and radio, Internet access 297,00-338,00
1-room flat 37-46 unfurnished, fitted kitchen, shower, cable TV and radio, Internet access 356,00-502,00

* Total rent includes utility costs; no annual charges for auxiliary costs required. Security deposits: 2 monthly rents. 

Special services

Property manager, cleaning of stairwells, corridors, shared bathrooms, shared kitchen and clubroom. Outside facilities are maintained and cleaned.